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Which Natural Mattress is Right for You?

Natural MattressesA quality natural mattress can really improve your sleep. However, no two people sleep alike and so it’s important you choose the mattress best suited to your own unique sleep needs. To help, we’ve compiled a guide to help you choose the right natural mattress to suit your sleep needs.

1.       If you overheat at night

If you find you often become too hot at night, choose a natural mattress with materials that allow air to flow. Lambswool layers are naturally cooler, allowing perspiration to move away from the body while you sleep. Plus, these are easy to air out in the morning to keep your bedding fresh! Cotton is another good choice, as it also allows air to circulate and keeps your body cool at night.

 2.       If you’re a light sleeper

If you are easily woken during the night, try a mattress with latex layers. The latex absorbs motion disturbances, meaning you won’t be woken by the movements of yourself or your partner. This is also ideal for those prone to tossing and turning in their sleep.

 3.       If you have skin irritation or allergies

If your skin is easily irritated, or you suffer from allergies or asthma, a natural mattress is the perfect choice as there are no chemicals within to exasperate your condition. However, some are even more suitable than others. If you find your allergies are affected by dust mites in your mattress, try find a brand offering a natural anti-dust mite option. This can be a latex layer, which is naturally anti-allergen, or a natural treatment containing essential oils that bed bugs hate. Consider a mattress finished in soft, organic cotton, which is known to be kind to skin.

 4.       If you have joint pain

If you have arthritis, fibromyalgia or other joint pain, a latex mattress is ideal. Latex mattresses conforms to the curves of your body, providing superior support. They take away pressure from protruding joints and bones, helping prevent stiffness and pain while you sleep. Moreover, this can also help those on bed rest as it can prevent bed sores from occurring.

 5.       If you have back pain

If you have back pain, choose a mattress with individual springs to maintain support throughout the night. However, a softer top layer is vital to your comfort as it allow your body to curve naturally. This layer could be made from latex, lambswool or even thick layers of organic cotton.

We at The Natural Sleep Company hope our guide helps you choose the right natural mattress for your needs. If you’d like more advice on achieving the best night’s sleep you can in a natural manner, check out our previous posts or our Facebook page.