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Things to consider when buying a new bed

On average we spend one-third of our lives in bed.  We rely on a good night’s sleep to allow us to function properly during the day. When it comes to buying a new bed, you have to remember it is an investment, not just in a bed, but also in yourself. If chosen correctly with care and proper consideration, it can improve both your health and your quality of life. Ensure you complete proper research and decide on what you want from a bed before you start looking. This will help you narrow your search and ensure the bed you finally purchase meets all of your needs. Below we share four of the factors we consider to be of the utmost importance when purchasing a new bed


The number one, most important thing about picking a new bed is comfort. You are not going to sleep well in a bed that you cannot get comfortable in, and if you do manage to fall asleep it will be broken and restless. The majority of people sleep on their side, but if you prefer to take up more space, make sure the bed is wide enough for you to get comfortable. You should also take into account if the bed large enough for you to share with your partner in comfort.

Choosing the right mattress:

It’s important to remember that a ‘bed’ is the mattress and the bed frame together so it’s essential to get the right combination of the two. Purchasing an uncomfortable mattress will only add to your sleep problems. Mattresses are designed to support you throughout the night and if you cannot get comfortable, regardless of what position you lie in, then it’s not the right mattress for you. Even if you prefer a soft mattress, make sure it is still firm enough to provide support for a good night’s sleep. Pay attention to how you feel in the morning, if your body is sore, or if you don’t feel well-rested, it’s a sign that you need to consider buying a new mattress.

Bed size:

When choosing a bed it’s important to remember the space you are buying for. It should not take over the aesthetic of your room and you must take into account space for doors and walking around the bed. However, if you are sharing with a partner, larger beds can prevent motion disturbances. It is also important to ensure that the bed is the correct length and that your feet do not hang from the end.

Extra features:

Think about extra features you may like to add to the bed, such as extra storage that Ottoman beds provide, and the type of material used, like fabric or wood. If you are living with a serious mobility issue you might want to consider massage features or buying an electric adjustable bed that can provide comfort and help with mobility. The Natural Sleep Company offer a dual control system on electric adjustable beds that allow for independent movement for each side of the bed, allowing you to be mobile without disturbing a partner.

We hope you’ve found some information to make your bed search easier. Remember- a bed is an investment, not just an ordinary piece of furniture! For more expert sleep advice stay tuned to our blog, or check out our Facebook page.