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A Guide to Common Natural Mattress Materials

Mattresses made with natural materials can have a range of benefits for your health, as chemicals are not inhaled or absorbed through your skin while you sleep. But without a clear understanding of the differences between the materials, it can be confusing to decide which ones are best for your sleep needs. To help you, […]

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking Naps

Should we take naps? We’ve all been tempted to take a midday rest at some point and so we decided to discover the answer to the long asked question! After all, humans belong to the small 15% of mammals that are monophasic, rather than polyphasic  – meaning that we sleep only once in a 24 […]

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Sleeping Positions – The Best and Worst

Getting enough sleep at night is very important as a lack of sleep can have severe effects on your mental and physical health. However, your sleeping positions can also have an effect on your health. Here are some of the best and worst sleeping positions and the affects they have on the body: On Your […]

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