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Three Amazing Sleep Sprays to Help You Rest

Sleep Sprays are a relatively new development in the world of sleep products. They consist of a relaxing blend of flower extracts or essential oils and scents, mixed together to soothe you to sleep. These are sprayed on your bed linen, body or tongue and the scents or tastes are designed to help you relax, […]

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The 5 Best Midnight Snacks to Help You Sleep

We’ve all been struck by cravings or sudden hunger at night time. These cravings can be ignored, making it harder to fall asleep or you may choose to feed your cravings and indulge in sweet treats, which ultimately disrupts your sleep cycle. However, there is another option. Healthy snacks can often make it easier to […]

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Sleep & Scents: How Do Fragrances Help You Sleep?

Scents have been widely used for relaxation and to aid sleep since the medieval ages. However, recent studies have shown that their uses are not just grounded in myth, but scientific fact. As each scent has a different effect on your body, individual studies have been done on each. Three of the most popular fragrances […]

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