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What you need to know about buying a mattress

Do you wake up in the morning with stiffness and lower back pain? This could be because the mattress you are sleeping on is not suitable for you, or it may be too old with not enough support for your back and joints. When you are lying on your mattress you should feel no pressure, […]

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How To Sleep Comfortably During The Winter Months

Adjusting our sleeping habits for the different seasons can be difficult. The long evenings and warm nights of the summer months are very different to winter months, with their dark evenings and cold nights. Here are some tips to you sleep comfortably during the winter. Room Temperature: It’s important to keep the room temperature just right. […]

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Things To Consider When Buying A New Bed

On average we spend one third of our lives in bed.  We rely on a good night’s sleep to allow us to function properly during the day. When it comes to buying a new bed, you have to remember it is an investment, not just in a bed, but also in yourself. If chosen correctly with […]

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